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Adult education – English courses for adults

Adult education has made some significant advances in recent years. Every individual who wishes to take part in a form of further education, can attend a community college or private educational institute, and choose from a wide variety of options.

The offer extends, for example, to language courses for conversation, through to specialist business English courses. In doing so, various skill levels are offered to suit the learning requirements of the individual.

Is the process of learning different for an adult than for a child?

There are, of course, significant differences: While the process of learning a language is automatic for a child within a phase of development, an adult requires target training. As an adult, you can complete a course in your free time, alongside a stressful daily routine. For this reason, the material often has to be learned within a short time frame, which is something to be desired after a long working day. Due to this, for example, an English course should be designed to be interactive, avoiding whenever possible monotone learning, in order to retain the interest of those learning.

As an adult, however, a decision to learn has to be made, unlike with a child or youth. Decisive factors can include, for example, the wish to advance a career, personal development or travel to a foreign destination. An adult is often more interested to learn the more refined aspects of a language, for example, the specifics of business English, in order to apply these directly in a business relationship.

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