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What drives us in our day-to-day work is the assignment of an ideally qualified translator for your specialist text. In this regard, we support businesses, organisations and institutions from the most diverse industries with the creation of translations, the completion of proofreading assignments, website localisation, the provision of interpreters etc.

  • Specialist legal translations for legal practices, notarial offices etc. Specialist translations for law.
  • Translations of financial texts for insurance, banking, corporate consulting etc.
  • Creation of medical translations for medical universities, clinics, doctors' practices, laboratories etc.
  • Translation of advertising texts for advertising agencies, marketing companies etc.
  • Translation of websites and texts for an internet presence for tourism companies, legal firms, companies within the automobile industry, advertising agencies etc.
  • zdf
  • airbus
  • allianz
  • aok
  • bmw
  • boeing
  • bon-prix
  • bosch
  • fcb
  • globetrotter
  • hagebau
  • hertz
  • lufthansa
  • man
  • ndr
  • o2
  • siemens
  • sixt
  • sonybmg
  • stage