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Specialist Translations - Our Guarantee of Quality

Language is a medium that is subjected to continuous change and educational processes. In particular, this applies to various subject-specific languages and subject terminology. In this complex field, our specialist translators are at work, maintaining an overview of the "language world" as well as remaining completely up-to-date on subject and linguistic trends. This premise applies not only for our translators, but also for the proofreaders and interpreters assigned by us, not to mention the language trainers that we supply to you.


Confidentiality and Secrecy

In our day-to-day business, we often come into contact with texts and document contents that are exclusively meant for a specific customer. Our employees, proofreaders, translators and interpreters are obligated to maintain strict confidentiality. Of course, in this respect we are ready at any time to send you an explicit, written confidentiality agreement.


Tenacity and reliability

As a customer of our translation agency you can rely on us, at any time, that the agreed deadlines will be upheld. You will frequently receive your translation ahead of time. This reliability is based on a flexible and effective project management which guarantees that the translation will be started from the moment your text is received. These circumstances are facilitated further through modern technical office equipment such as the utilisation of CAT tools and Translation Memory Systems such as Trados, Déjà Vu, Across, Transit etc. This includes our successful specialisation in a 24 hour service as well as the delivery of translations over the weekend and during public holidays.


More than 30 years of experience in the service sector for translation and interpreting

In times of a rapid acceleration of business processes, the much talked about globalisation and internationalisation, it is important to be able to place your trust in a service provider who possesses a significant amount of market experience. Our company was able to acquire this experience in the interest of its customers during the last thirty years of successful business activity. Experience plus continuous further development and innovation are the cornerstones of our day entrepreneurial activity.

Our guarantee

All translations are carried out in our translation agency only by graduate translators or by qualified specialist translators. Thus, your specialist translation will comply with the highest quality requirements, both linguistically and in terms of the expert area. Our reliable service also applies to your interpreting projects. We provide you with the best qualified specialist translators and interpreters for your conference or meeting.