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Our translation agency has specialised in a whole range of subject areas. Every one of our specialist translators has an area of specialisation, whether it be medicine, law or economics. The translation alone is often not enough to relay the content correctly. For the most part, extensive knowledge in the respective subject area is necessary to deliver a professional translation. Our translators have acquired many years of experience in their subject areas.


For example, we take on specialist technical translations from German - Russian for operating manuals or legal documents, but also the translation of purchasing contracts from German - Polish.

Technical translation of handbooks

You can also rely on us for technical translations. We assign the most suitable specialist staff to manage your technical documentation such as patents, handbooks, prospectuses, data sheets, product descriptions, maintenance and operating instructions, and many more. Our extensive network of translators ensures that we select the right individual for you, in terms of their years of experience and suitability for the subject area, who will then take responsibility for the completion of your technical project.

Specialist legal translations

The discipline of legal translation is extensive. We are happy to take on specialist legal translations for declarations, expert opinions, verdicts, contracts, answers to a complaint, legal correspondence etc. You can place you trust in the ability of our legal translators who have acquired an extensive knowledge of the legal systems of various countries.

Translation of specialist texts within pharmaceutics

In addition to the excellent understanding of the source and target languages required for the translation, the specialist translators for pharmaceutics have more than just a fundamental understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. A good translation in this area demands that our staff have acquired many years of experience in this area, and are right up-to-date in terms of the latest developments in research. Please use our online enquiry form to send us your text, and you will quickly receive a corresponding offer.

High quality specialist translation for mechanical engineering

Within the discipline of specialist translations for mechanical engineering, we possess a wealth of experience. Our focus is on the translation of instruction manuals, parts lists, technical data sheets and various technical documentation. You may use our online enquiry form to send is your text. As a rule, the format of your text is retained, and you only pay for the translation service provided. In addition, translations are completed in accordance with DIN EN 15038.

Specialist technical translation

One of our specialisations is the translation of technical texts. We have a large pool of specialist translators at our disposal who are specialised in the translation of technical texts. You can entrust your translation for assembly instructions, operating instructions, maintenance manuals or instruction manuals to us. Our language experts possess an extensive subject knowledge in their respective field, and will prepare your translation quickly and professionally.

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