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161st Birthday of Antoni Gaudí

News on 28.06.2013

The 161st birthday of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí was welcomed on 25th June 2013. Gaudí is considered to be one of the most important ambassadors of Modernisme Català (translated into English as "Catalan Modernism").

This creative movement is an important factor for specialist translators who are active with the fields of architecture, art, literature and music. In particular, a specialist translator for architecture is frequently confronted with the name Gaudí, as there are many famous buildings that lead back to this architect who was born in 1852. His works include the Sagrada Família in Barcelona or the Casa Milà, also in Barcelona.

For the specialist translator for architecture, it is generally important to known the alignment or history of the architecture respectively, and to use the appropriate terminology. Within the field of historical or period architecture, there is a significant of facts that a translator has to commit to memory, in order to be able to create high quality translations.

- Specialist translations for the subject area of architectural style for German French, among others
- Scientific translations on the subject of Gothic, for example German French
- Specialist translations or the topic of architecture, in addition to Polish German, in many other languages.
- Specialist text translations on the subject of political architecture, for example from Croatian to German.

In addition to these historical-scientific subject areas, a subject knowledge of engineering is also required, especially if it concerns current construction projects.

- Specialist translation of structural analysis, for example from German into English
- Specialist translation for the subject area of the principles of construction, also in combination with Dutch German
- Specialist translation for architectural offices, for example German Turkish
- Translation of suspended models, among others from German into Russian

Congresses, symposia or seminars on the subject of architecture are mostly held with a form of international participation. For such events, conference interpreters or simultaneous interpreters are required who can guarantee a high level of quality in the foreign language, in terms of linguistic and subject ability.

- Simultaneous interpreters for the subject area of urban development, also in English French
- Arabic German conference interpreter for the subject area of landscape architecture
- Interpreters with the language combination Czech Italian for architectural theory
- Simultaneous interpreting Dutch German (and vice versa) for the subject area of sustainability and ecology

The impulses and ideas of Antoni Gaudí have retained their effect and level of influence to the current day, and have influenced many other architects and artists, among others, the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Just as a particular discipline can have an effect on art of music, the topics with which translators and interpreters have to work and become accustomed to can be equally varied and diversified.